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How to Tell Someone They Have Bad Breath

Perhaps you know someone that has bad breath and they are not aware of the problem. Here you will learn methods on how to tell someone they have bad breath.

Telling someone they have bad breath is not easy. It may be a challenge for you and certainly will be uncomfortable for them. It needs to be handled in the right way.

You can always share the problem with them anonymously by sending a note, but that is not very caring or sincere. As well, the person could get hurt if you chose this method of delivery.

how to tell someone they have bad breathThe best way to tell someone they have bad breath is to do it in person, face to face.

Consider first how they are going to feel about receiving this news. It will be uncomfortable for them and they may also be quite embarrassed.

You will want to keep their feelings in mind as you share the news with them so it comes across as helpful and sincere as possible.

News like this is best delivered in a private setting and by a friend.

Share with your friend that you have something you want to talk to them about. Tell them that because you are friends you felt you could talk with them about this openly without their being any feelings of hurt or resentment. Most important, make sure they understand you are having this conversation with them because you are their friend.

You will want to prepare in advance some possible solutions, so do a little homework before having this talk.

They may or may not take your advice, but it will show how much you care that not only are you pointing out the problem, but you have also taken the time to seek out possible remedies for your friend.

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bad breath reportShare with your friend what you have learned about causes of bad breath. Once you know the cause it is easier to trace the problem and find an appropriate solution.

The causes of bad breath can range from diet to situations that cause a dry mouth to poor hygiene or even health concerns.

Once you have told them be sure to reinforce that you are having this conversation because you are their friend and you would hope that they would have done the same for you. Make sure they know this is as difficult for you as it is for them.

Offer to be there for them as they seek out possible bad breath solutions until the problem is resolved.